Customs Brokerage Services

Customs broker – is the essential part of the smooth cargo delivery chain. Our competitive service and price ratio ensure the increase of clients and their recommendations each year consecutively.

Our customs services:

  • Grant of warrants for customs procedures;
  • Preparation and filling in of intrastat reports and submition to customs institutions;
  • Consultations regarding customs and brokerage;
  • Reception of permission to export goods for recycling, reception of permission to import goods for recycling;
  • Customs procedures;
  • Control of customs procedures;
  • Brokerage at customs;
  • Customs brokerage services at all Lithuanian Air Ports;
  • Customs clearance services;
  • Payment of excises and other taxes by the client’s request;
  • Additional services of customs brokerage;
  • Representation of agreed clients at customs;
  • Reformation of TIR Carnet, preparation and submition of TIR Carnet electronic data;
  • Other services related to customs brokerage.

Warehousing Services

We offer these services:

  • All load services;
  • Long-term and short-term warehousing in modern warehouse spaces;
  • Specialized warehousing services, for example, warehousing and sorting of online shop goods;
  • Warehouses operate also on weekends or by client’s request;
  • 3PL services;
  • Distribution in Lithuania;
  • Export of goods to foreign countries.

We Organize Logistics And Forwarding Services Additionally